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Colletotrichum is one of the most widespread and important genus of plant pathogenic fungi worldwide. Various species of Colletotrichum are the causative agents of anthracnose disease in plants,(More)
A novel actinomycete, strain 30EHS(T), was isolated from the rhizospheric soil under an elephant ear plant (Caladium bicolor) in Jomthong district, Bangkok, Thailand. Phylogenetic analysis based on(More)
Streptomyces SBI034 produces several bafilomycin derivatives. Its afsA homologue (stcA) and putative γ-butyrolactone receptor gene (stcB) were cloned. Construction of a stcA disruptant (stcA gene(More)
We report the draft genome sequence of Actinokineospora bangkokensis 44EHWT, the producer of the antifungal polyene compounds, thailandins A and B. The sequence contains 7.45 Mb, 74.1% GC content and(More)
Two new polyene macrolactone antibiotics, thailandins A, 1, and B, 2, were isolated from the fermentation broth of rhizosphere soil-associated Actinokineospora bangkokensis strain 44EHW(T). The new(More)