Bundit Thipakorn

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This article describes a method of an off-line signature recongnition by using hough transform to detect stroke lines from signature image. The hough transform is used to extract the parameterized hough space from signature skeleton as unique characterisitic feature of signatures. In the experiment, the Back Propagation Neural Network is used as a tool to(More)
Our current understanding of how emotions are expressed in speech is still very limited. Part of the difficulty has been the lack of understanding of the underlying mechanisms. Here we report the findings of a somewhat unconventional investigation of emotional speech. Instead of looking for direct acoustic correlates of multiple emotions, we tested a(More)
During the interaction of a collaborative learning team, students usually participate in a variety of roles such as leader, follower and isolator, etc. These roles should be recognized and monitored carefully, especially the team leader, so that the collaboration might be engineered and supported appropriately. Identifying emergent leadership roles in a(More)
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