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A Faunistic Study on Cheilostomatous Bryozoans from the Shoreline of South Korea, with Two New Species
Seventy-one species of the order cheilostomatous bryozoans are reported from coasts of southern Korea. Among them, Callpora inaviculata and Integripelta meta are described as new species and theExpand
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DNA Barcode Examination of Bryozoa (Class: Gymnolaemata) in Korean Seawater
DNA barcoding of Bryozoa or “moss animals” has hardly advanced and lacks reference sequences for correct species identification. To date only a small number of cytochrome c oxidase subunit I (COI)Expand
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Intertidal Bryozoa from Korea-new additions to the fauna and a new genus of Bitectiporidae (Cheilostomata) from Baengnyeong Island, Yellow Sea.
Eight species are added to the intertidal bryozoan fauna of South Korea, all collected from the extreme northwestern part of the country at Baengnyeong Island. Five of the species (HippothoaExpand
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Cribrilinidae (Bryozoa: Cheilostomata) of Korea.
The cribrilinid Bryozoa of Korea are described for the first time. Eight species are recognized, distributed in five genera: Cribrilina, Reginella, Jullienula, Figularia and Puellina. JuxtacribrilinaExpand
Systematics of some calloporid and lacernid Cheilostomata (Bryozoa) from coastal South Korean waters, with the description of new taxa.
Six species in two families of Cheilostomata-Calloporidae and Lacernidae-are described from the southern coasts of the Korean Peninsula, resulting in a new distributional record and four new speciesExpand
First Record of Bantariella bocki (Bryozoa: Ctenostomata) from Korean Waters
A ctenostomatous bryozoan, Bantariella bocki is reported from Jejudo Island of South Korea. This is the first report from Korean waters. Each zooid is produced from each kenozooid which arranged inExpand
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Figures 34–35 In Cribrilinidae (Bryozoa: Cheilostomata) Of Korea
FIGURES 34–35. Puellina hincksi (Friedl), SE Wan Island, South Sea. 34, autozooids, ovicellate zooid and interzooidal avicularium; 35, autozooidal and ovicellate orifices. FIGURES 36–38. PuellinaExpand
Flustrellidra armata (Bryozoa: Ctenostomatida)—a new species from the southern shoreline of Korea
Flustrellidra armata sp. nov. is described from ten intertidal and four subtidal sites along the southern coast of Korea. The new species possess a series of small lateral and occasionally proximalExpand
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