Bulent Ulkar

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OBJECTIVE To examine the effects of positioning and sleeve type bracing on passive position sense of shoulder joints of healthy untrained subjects. METHOD A cross over study was carried out on 26 subjects (13 male, 13 female) with a proprioception measurement device. The selected method of testing was passive reproduction of a target angle. Both shoulder(More)
OBJECTIVES To ascertain whether detailed isokinetic knee muscle testing reflects the results of other functional measurements in footballers and to look for any correlations between quadriceps tendon thickness and knee strength. METHODS Ultrasonographic evaluation of the quadriceps tendon (Hitachi EUB-405), isokinetic knee testing (Biodex System 3), and(More)
This study was undertaken to investigate the relationship between blood lactate concentration ([La]) and heart rate (HR) values obtained during treadmill and field tests at fixed velocities with respect to interchangeability of results to be used in exercise prescription. A total of 22 male soccer players participated in the study. Each player performed(More)
OBJECTIVE Histological examination of proliferative therapy effects on the healing process of muscular injury. METHODS We performed this study between March and August 2002 at Ankara University, School of Medicine, Laboratory of Animal Experiments, Ankara, Turkey. We used an experimental animal model by conducting a standardized cut injury of the(More)
BACKGROUND Psychologic and physical stress is known to be related with periodontal disorders. The objective of this study is to investigate salivary and gingival crevicular fluid (GCF) nitric oxide (NO) metabolism and its association with the periodontal reaction to precompetition anxiety in competitive athletes. METHODS A total of 18 elite male handball(More)
Although glucosamine is commonly consumed by athletes, its effectiveness in sports injuries is still under debate. We aimed to investigate the effects of glucosamine to the rehabilitation outcomes of anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstructed athletes. Glucosamine-sulfate (1000 mg daily, for 8 weeks) was administered to half of the cohort of 30 male(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the effects of joint laxity on proprioceptive functions of the knee joints of soccer players. METHODS In this study, we measured anterior tibial displacements and thresholds to detect the knee joint passive motion of 20 healthy soccer players (18.1+/-1.6 years of age). We performed all the measurements in Autumn 2000 in Ankara,(More)
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