Bulbul Chakravarti

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The maximum aerobic capacity (VO2 max) of young untrained Bengali girls aged between 22-24 years after maximum workload as determined by bicycle ergometer, standard step test and a treadmill is studied in 22 subjects. It was found that the VO2 peak in the treadmill exercise was significantly higher than that obtained by the step test and bicycle ergometer,(More)
Aging is a complex biological phenomenon which involves progressive loss of different physiological functions of various tissues of living organisms. It is the inevitable fate of life and is a major risk factor for death and different pathological disorders. Based on a wide variety of studies performed in humans as well as in various animal models and(More)
Oxidative stress is believed to be one of the leading contributors to the aging process and loss of cellular function with aging. Although, several age-associated phenomena have been correlated with reactive oxygen species, the role of oxidative stress in the age-related decline of T-cell activity is not yet clear. The present study was carried out to(More)
Using two-dimensional gel electrophoresis and liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry, we have used a systems biology approach to study the molecular basis of aging of the mouse heart. We have identified 8 protein spots whose expression is up-regulated due to aging and 36 protein spots whose expression is down-regulated due to aging (p0.05 as judged(More)
Changes in the T-lymphocyte compartment represent the most critical component of immunological aging. Recent studies have demonstrated that the age-related decline in T-cell-mediated immunity is a multifactorial phenomenon affecting T-cell subset composition as well as several proximal events such as protein tyrosine phosphorylation, generation of second(More)
The amino acid sequence of the amino-terminal half of the complement protein C6 has been found to show overall structural homology with the homologous regions of the channel-forming proteins C7, C8 alpha, C8 beta, and C9. In addition, two specific cysteine-rich segments common to the amino-terminal regions of C7, C8 alpha, C8 beta, and C9 also occur in(More)
In recent years, the practice of proteomics research has experienced a dramatic shift within the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry with the widespread implementation of novel applications. The areas of interest extend all the way from discovery of novel drug, vaccine, and diagnostic targets, characterization of protein-based products, toxicology,(More)
Phospholipase A activity has been detected in mycelial homogenate ofNeurospora crassa. A submycelial fraction, obtained by differential centrifugation containing the highest specific activity of phospholipase A has been shown to contain ca. 66% phospholipase A1 and 34% phospholipase A2 activity along with lysophospholipase and degergent-stimulated(More)