Bui Thi Mai Anh

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Mathematical modelling of infectious diseases often uses simulation models in order to explore transmission mechanisms and to plan potential management strategies to control the epidemics. However, bridging the gap between the conceptual model of epidemiology and its simulation on computer can lead to some issues related to the lack of expressiveness of(More)
Modeling and simulation have been heavily used in epidemiology, for instance to study the transmission of infectious diseases, their pathogenicity and their propagation. A major hindrance to modeling in epidemiology is the mixing of concerns that ought to be separated. The most obvious one is the computer implementation that should not be mixed with domain(More)
Domain Specific Languages (DSL) are designed to be syntactically and semantically easier to use than general-purpose languages performing the same task. This is generally achieved by tailoring programming notions and constructs to the domain tasks at hand. Yet there are examples of domain specific problems that demand elaborate constructs (for e.g. aspects(More)
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