Bui Cong Cuong

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In this paper, we will propose a two-context fuzzy clustering algorithm (2C-FCM) and its parallel solution so called P2C-FCM for the classification problems. Some initial experiments show the effectiveness of P2C-FCM and 2C-FCM when comparing with traditional Context FCM. The applications of P2C-FCM and 2C-FCM are the basis to generate fuzzy rules for(More)
Since Zadeh introduced fuzzy sets in 1965, a lot of new theories treating imprecision and uncertainty have been introduced. Some of these theories are extensions of fuzzy set theory, other try to handle imprecision and uncertainty in different way. In this paper, we introduce a new notion of picture fuzzy sets (PFS), which are directly extensions of fuzzy(More)
T-norms and t-conorms are basic operators of fuzzy logics. The classifications of these operators are significant problems. Some results of the classifications of fuzzy logics operators for fuzzy sets are given in [3,4]. In 2013, we defined the picture fuzzy sets [5,6] and in 2015 some representable t-norms operators and t-conorms operators were defined and(More)