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A vibration test method for investigating the dynamic characteristics of thin multi-layered semiconductor wafers was proposed. Flash memory chips whose thickness was varied by grinding the wafers were used as specimens. The specimens composed of silicon, device, and device-protecting layers were excited at the clamped end by using a shaker attached to the(More)
Several heavyweight impact sources have been used in applying standardized excitation forces to evaluate the noise generation characteristics of building floors. In this study, heavyweight sources (a bang machine and an impact ball) were filmed with a high-speed camera on the period of deformation and restitution of the impact. The generated impact force(More)
This work presents a method to determine the effective dynamic properties of resonant metamaterials. The longitudinal vibration of a rod with periodically attached oscillators was predicted using wave propagation analysis. The effective mass density and modulus were determined from the transfer function of vibration responses. Predictions of these effective(More)
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