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Horqin sandy land, which is situated in transition zone from the intensively cultivated plains to the northern grasslands in a semi-arid area of southeast Inner Mongolian Autonomous Region, is known for its intensive land use change and desertification in the past three decades. In this study, the land cover changes for the period of 1977-2007 were(More)
This study proposes an extended subspace method (ESM) in feature extraction and dimension-reduction problems for land cover classification of hyperspectral and multi-spectral remote sensing images. The main idea of our method is to use a multiple similarity method (MSM) onto an averaged learning subspace method (ALSM) and makes use of fidelity value(More)
— In this study, we comparison of NDVI of ground measurement, atmospheric corrected ASTER LIB data and ASTER surface reflectance product (AST07) data to evaluate the accuracy of the ATCOR software atmospheric correction of Terra/ASTER data (Jun 30, 2002), using ground radiometric measurement data (ASD's FieldSpec® Pro). Our research selected the study area(More)
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