Buddhima Indraratna

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A system of vertical drains with surcharge load to accelerate consolidation by shortening the drainage path is one of the most popular methods of soft ground improvement. The conventional radial consolidation theory (including smear and well resistance) have been commonly employed to predict the behaviour of vertical drains in soft clay. Its mathematical(More)
This paper describes an analytical model of filtration for granular media, based on the mechanics of particle migration under hydraulic loads. A new equation to predict the probability of particle movement through a 3D network model of the filter voids has been developed. Void constriction sizes are determined based on the particle-size distribution and(More)
In this study, an attempt is made to analyse the extent of the smear zone caused by mandrel driven vertical drains, employing the cavity expansion theory for soft clay obeying the modified Cam-clay model. The predictions are verified by large-scale laboratory tests, where the extent of the smear zone was estimated based on the indications such as the pore(More)
The ground-penetrating radar (GPR) has been widely used in many applications. However, the processing and interpretation of the acquired signals remain challenging tasks since an experienced user is required to manage the entire operation. In this paper, we present an automatic classification system to assess railway-ballast conditions. It is based on the(More)
The filter design criteria in practice are currently based on laboratory tests that were carried out on uniform base soil and filter materials. These criteria mostly involve specific particle size ratios, where the system of base soil and filter is represented by some characteristic particle sizes. Consequently, these criteria have limitations when applied(More)
A theoretical approach for calculating pyrite oxidation in acid sulfate soil with a macropore/matrix structure is described. This approach accounts for vertical oxygen transport through soil macropores and the subsequent lateral diffusion of oxygen into the soil matrix. As oxygen is supplied into the matrix, it is consumed by pyrite and other(More)
In effective filters, potentially erodible base particles are transported to the filter and retained to form a stable self-filtration layer. At any given time, the mass proportion of the filter and the base materials in this layer depends on the initial porosity of the filter and the subsequent porosity of the self-filtration layer. In this paper, an(More)
This chapter starts with an introduction of a revised analytical model of radial drainage with vacuum preloading in both axisymmetric and plane strain conditions. Observed from large-scale radial drainage consolidation tests, the influence of vacuum pressure distribution along the drain length is examined through the dissipation of average excess pore(More)