Buddhika Chamith

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Dynamic probe injection is now a widely used method to debug performance in production. Current techniques for dynamic probing of native code, however, rely on an expensive stop-the-world approach: binary changes are made within a safe state of the program---typically in which all the program threads are halted---to ensure that another thread executing the(More)
When written idiomatically in most programming languages, programs that traverse and construct trees operate over pointer-based data structures, using one heap object per-leaf and pernode. This representation is efficient for random access and shape-changing modifications, but for traversals, such as compiler passes, that process most or all of a tree in(More)
Existing techniques for injecting probes into running applications are limited; they either fail to support probing arbitrary locations, or to support scalable, rapid toggling of probes. We introduce a new technique on x86-64, called instruction punning, which allows scalable probes at any instruction. The key idea is that when we inject a jump(More)
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