Buddhi Bahadur Thapa

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OBJECTIVE The study compares the effectiveness of two strategies for distributing azithromycin in an area with mild-to-moderate active trachoma in Nepal. METHODS The two strategies investigated were the use of azithromycin for 1) mass treatment of all children, or 2) targeted treatment of only those children who were found to be clinically active, as well(More)
INTRODUCTION Stress fractures are common during military training but femoral neck stress fractures are uncommon and sometimes pose diagnostic and therapeutic challenges. An incomplete stress fracture with excellent prognosis, if left unprotected, can lead to displaced femoral neck fracture with almost 63% complication rate even with best of the treatment.(More)
Adamantinoma is an extremely rare primary bony neoplasm. Because of its malignant nature, accurate and early diagnosis is very important. On the other hand adamantinoma mimics many benign conditions, so it is doubly important to establish correct tissue diagnosis to avoid radical surgery with morbidities. Because of its rarity, diagnosing adamantinoma still(More)
INTRODUCTION Implantation of scleral fixation intraocular lens for the surgical management of aphakia cases without capsular support is a safe procedure. METHODS Prospective study was carried out at Lumbini Eye Institute, Bhairahawa. A total of 32 patients underwent scleral fixation intraocular lens implantation within a period of two years from February(More)
INTRODUCTION Total hip replacement is one of the most widely performed and amongst the most successful orthopedic procedures performed worldwide. Even though it is a common orthopedic procedure in developed nations, it is performed only in selected centers in Nepal. This study will review the functional outcome of total hip replacements carried out in Shree(More)
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