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OBJECTIVE Development of a rational and enforceable basis for controlling the impact of cannabis use on traffic safety. METHODS An international working group of experts on issues related to drug use and traffic safety evaluated evidence from experimental and epidemiological research and discussed potential approaches to developing per se limits for(More)
A design of UV-photosensitive highly dispersive photonic crystal fiber is proposed in this paper, in order to be used in slowlight experiments to generate large true time delays. A dispersion greater than 2000<i>ps/nm/km</i> over 3.5<i>nm</i> (up to 10800<i>ps/nm/km</i>) have been achieved near 1550<i>nm.</i>
nova-Institut, Hürth, Germany, franjo.grotenhermen@nova-institut.de; Leson & Associates, Berkeley, USA; University of Cologne, Germany; Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine and Department of Forensic Medicine, Monash University, Melbourne, Australia; University of Würzburg, Germany; Drug & Alcohol Services South Australia, Parkside, Australia;(More)
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