Bub-Joo Kang

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This paper analyses the performance of spectrum sensing in terms of the throughput of a cognitive radio (CR) system. Dealing with the optimization problem of spectrum sensing, this paper evaluates the throughput of a CR system by considering such situations as the penalty time of a channel search and incumbent user (IU) detection delay caused by a missed(More)
This paper investigates the spectrum sensing issues in the cognitive radio (CR) networks of opportunistic unlicensed spectrum access. The cognitive radios can perform a communication using the incumbent user spectrum band without the interference caused by the cognitive radio users. In this case, the cognitive radios must know the real-time radio(More)
We proposed an ECG signal monitoring mobile embedded system, which is aimed to be utilized for a ubiquitous health-care system. The proposed monitoring system is using wireless transmission based on ZigBee protocol for signal transferring. The proposed system mainly consists of two mobile platforms. One platform is for signal acquisition and the other is(More)
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