Bryson C. Gibbons

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This Data Descriptor announces the submission to public repositories of the PNNL Biodiversity Library, a large collection of global proteomics data for 112 bacterial and archaeal organisms. The data comprises 35,162 tandem mass spectrometry (MS/MS) datasets from ~10 years of research. All data has been searched, annotated and organized in a consistent(More)
Top-down proteomics, the analysis of intact proteins in their endogenous form, preserves valuable information about post-translation modifications, isoforms and proteolytic processing. The quality of top-down liquid chromatography-tandem MS (LC-MS/MS) data sets is rapidly increasing on account of advances in instrumentation and sample-processing protocols.(More)
MOTIVATION Systematic bias in mass measurement adversely affects data quality and negates the advantages of high precision instruments. RESULTS We introduce the mzRefinery tool for calibration of mass spectrometry data files. Using confident peptide spectrum matches, three different calibration methods are explored and the optimal transform function is(More)
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