Bryony Stubbs

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Embryonic Stem (ES) cells are able to give rise to the three germ layers of the embryo but are prevented from contributing to the trophoblast. The molecular nature of this barrier between embryonic and trophectodermal cell fates is not clear, but is known to involve DNA methylation. Here we demonstrate that the Nucleosome Remodeling and Deacetylation (NuRD)(More)
Arthritis in the posterolateral quadrant of the knee presents typical arthroscopic findings. With careful history, physical examination, and appropriate radiographs, it can be an office diagnosis. The history, physical findings, and arthroscopic findings in 15 patients with this problem were reviewed. Symptoms of posterolateral pain, give-way, and pain with(More)
The surgical techniques involved in total knee arthroplasty are often overshadowed by implant design, metallurgy, and fixation methods. This is especially true when considering the handling of the soft tissues rather than the bony cuts. The authors believe that protection of the soft-tissue structures around the knee is of paramount importance and describe(More)
A case of early failure of a total hip arthroplasty presenting as a dislocation is discussed. After failed attempts at closed reduction, an open procedure revealed that the polyethylene insert of the acetabulum had separated from its metal backing. The increasing use of metal-backed acetabular components in total hip arthroplasty produces another mechanical(More)
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