Bryony S Dyson

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The originally assigned stereostructures of laurefurenynes A and B have been reassigned on the basis of DFT calculations of NMR chemical shifts, synthesis of model compounds and total synthesis of laurefurenyne B, demonstrating the power of this combined approach for stereostructure elucidation/confirmation.
Elatenyne is a small dibrominated natural product first isolated from Laurencia elata. The structure of elatenyne was originally assigned as a pyrano[3,2-b]pyran on the basis of NMR methods. Total synthesis of the originally proposed pyrano[3,2-b]pyran structure of elatenyne led to the gross structure of the natural product being reassigned as a(More)
We describe the synthesis of a series of oxy-substituted butenolide spiroacetals and spiro-N,O-acetals by oxidative spirocyclisation of 2-[(4-hydroxy or 4-sulfonamido)butyl]furans. The axial-equatorial preference of each oxy-substituent is investigated (NMR) by an acid-catalysed thermodynamic relay of configuration between the spiro- and oxy-centres. The(More)
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