Bryony Buck

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Lactobacilli are major inhabitants of the normal microflora of the gastrointestinal tract, and some select species have been used extensively as probiotic cultures. One potentially important property of these organisms is their ability to interact with epithelial cells in the intestinal tract, which may promote retention and host-bacterial communication.(More)
A musical performance is seen as the performer's interpretation of a musical score, illuminating the interaction between the musical structure and implied emotive character [1]. It has been demonstrated that performers' physical gestures correlate with structural and emotional aspects of the piece they are performing and that this information can be decoded(More)
We treat the inference of nuclear charge densities from measurements of elastic electron scattering cross-sections. In order to get the most reliable information from expensively acquired, incomplete and noisy measurements, we use Bayesian probability theory. Very little prior information about the charge densities is assumed. We derive a prior probability(More)
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