Bryna Erblich

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The brain contains numerous mononuclear phagocytes called microglia. These cells express the transmembrane tyrosine kinase receptor for the macrophage growth factor colony stimulating factor-1 (CSF-1R). Using a CSF-1R-GFP reporter mouse strain combined with lineage defining antibody staining we show in the postnatal mouse brain that CSF-1R is expressed only(More)
Children of alcoholics (COAs) have an increased risk of developing alcoholism themselves. The mechanisms responsible are not yet known. One compelling theory postulates that COAs may have an increased sensitivity to the stimulant effects of alcohol during the ascending limb of the blood alcohol curve combined with a decreased sensitivity to the putatively(More)
Lupus-associated anti-DNA Abs display features of Ag selection, yet the triggering Ag in the disease is unknown. We previously demonstrated that the peptide DWEYSVWLSN is bound by a pathogenic anti-DNA Ab, and that immunization of nonautoimmune mice with this peptide induces autoantibodies and renal Ig deposition. To elucidate differences in the induced B(More)
Considerable evidence indicates that cognitions regarding favorable drinking consequences figure prominently in the development of problem drinking. Because children of alcoholics (COAs) are at particularly high risk for developing drinking problems, the authors hypothesized that they would have higher levels of such cognitions than children of(More)
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