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An analysis of movement, and particularly of dance, helps us to see in an extraordinarily effective way the meaning of embodiment. This paper then looks through the eyes of dance theorists and at philosophers who consider dance and movement and their meaning of embodiment. A study of movement and dance encompasses the fullest meaning of embodiment: that the(More)
FREE ELECTIVES After required courses are completed, a maximum of 4 credits of free electives may be needed to meet the 124 credits required for the degree. An effort should be made to schedule courses in the year indicated, although some adjustments may be necessary. Please see your academic advisor each semester. a See catalog for courses that fulfill the(More)
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  • 1976
While not encouraging the use of physical restrains on mental patients, the author presents a statement of its continuing use and underscores the need for preparing students for a group of traditional procedures that in some ways are increasingly out of step with our times and aesthetically offensive. Two specific clinical indications for restraint are(More)
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