Bryn Schiele

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Many driver assistant and safety systems depend on an accurate environmental model containing the positions of stationary objects, the states of dynamic objects and information about valid driving corridors. Therefore, a robust differentiation between moving and stationary objects is required. This is challenging for laser scanners, because these sensors(More)
The prevalence of unmet health and mental health needs among youth has spurred the growing consensus to develop strategies that integrate services to promote overall well-being. This pilot study reports on the feasibility and outcomes of a theory-driven, family-focused, integrated health-mental health promotion program for underserved adolescents receiving(More)
BACKGROUND Corrections of combined torsional and angular deformities of long bones may be performed creating a single osteotomy which is oriented so that rotating the two fragments on the created osteotomy plane allows to correct all deformities in one step. A practical geometrical tool is presented to facilitate the difficult preoperative planning of such(More)
This paper proposes a novel method for integrating multiple local cues, i.e. local region detectors as well as descriptors, in the context of object detection. Rather than to fuse the outputs of several distinct classifiers in a fixed setup, our approach implements a highly flexible combination scheme, where the contributions of all individual cues are(More)
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