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Successful Event Management: A Practical Handbook
PART I: THE EVENTS BUSINESS. 1. An introduction to events. 2. The market demand for events. 3. The events business: supply and suppliers. 4. Social, economic, political and developmentalExpand
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International Directory of Company Histories videoclip
[Silent] beta version of International Directory of Company Histories videoclip Technical Acknowledgement: Ilona Valent [MarTech]
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Civic Centre - Augmented Reality video
`Augmented Reality' videoclip for the `multiple narratives' linked to the Civic Centre, Guildhall Square and Cultural Quarter, Southampton.
Commemorating and communicating contested narratives in a digital era - lessons from Dark Tourism
Many within the Research & Innovation Hubs are addressing either communicating multiple-narratives or embracing the potential of the new Social Media Landscape – sometimes both. Drawing upon theirExpand
OED Appeals (2014)
Submission of dating evidence for first usages of words and phrases, for the "OED Appeals" initiative [including the "WWI Vocabulary" appeal] of the Oxford English Dictionary - encompassing:Expand
Dark Tourism: can you have a Hierarchy of Tragedy ?
As those developing the notion of Dark Tourism seek to establish it as a paradigm and to differentiate it from mainstream Tourism, a sharp debate has arisen as to the efficacy of both traditionalExpand
The matrix and survivorship bias
Why focusing on `the companies that lived' means academics and practitioners evaluate mythical evolutions of their sectors - not the reality