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Dimensional Analysis of Production and Utility Functions in Economics
This paper explores dimensional analysis of production and utility functions in economics. As raised by Barnett, dimensional analysis is important in consistency checks of economics functions.
Critique of IS-LM: Fiscal Deficits, Loanable Funds, Keynesian Cross and IS-LM
This paper intends to discuss some problematic properties IS-LM and loanable funds together have when dealing with fiscal deficits. Many others have focused on its assumptions for criticism of IS-LM,
A Simple Theory of Exploding Household Debts
In this paper, I explore how a household budget constraint allows one to construct a simple theory of exploding household debts. The conclusion reached in this paper is that in case the household
Analysis of Tax Effects on Household Debts of a Nation in a Monetary Union
Unlike many theoretical analysis of tax effects on household debts in a monetary union, this paper builds up analysis from a household budget constraint, instead of starting from a model. By a
A Digital/Analog Signal Processing Method to Compute the Number of Hamiltonian Paths
This paper explores finding the number ofundirected hamiltonian paths in an undirected graph G=(V,E) using lumped/ideal circuits using low-pass filters using digital/algorithmic approach.
How Accounting Accuracy Affects DSGE Models
This paper explores how accounting consistency affects DSGE models. As many DSGE models descended from real business cycle models, I explore a simple labor-only RBC model with an exogenous external
The Perils of First-Order Conditions of New Keynesian Models
For deriving equilibrium of sticky-price/monopolistic competition New Keynesian models, first-order conditions are often used. This paper shows that they may not be sufficient and presents a case out
A 'Truly Sequential' Resolution to Chainstore Paradox
This paper resolves the chainstore paradox by viewing each game of a monopolist against a single competitor as a sequential game. Every game is done under perfect and complete information. In this
Difficulty of Existing International Trade Models in Incorporating Consumption-Leisure Trade-Off
This paper argues that consumption-leisure tradeoff is difficult to include in several popular international trade models. The ones discussed are one of the Krugman's New Trade Theory models and the