Bryce E. Pasko

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Schizophrenia is often accompanied by disturbances in motor behavior thought to result from abnormalities in the brain's timing mechanisms. Virtually all behavior has a motor component, and proper regulation of motor behavior is often dependent upon accurate registration of somatosensory input. This study uses the steady-state evoked response (SSR) to(More)
Phonology is a lower-level structural aspect of language involving the sounds of a language and their organization in that language. Numerous behavioral studies utilizing priming, which refers to an increased sensitivity to a stimulus following prior experience with that or a related stimulus, have provided evidence for the role of phonology in visual word(More)
Autism spectrum disorders (ASD) are complex neurodevelopmental disorders. Twin studies have provided heritability estimates as high as 90% for idiopathic ASD. Further evidence for the spectrum's heritability is provided by the presence of the broad autism phenotype (BAP) in unaffected first-degree relatives. Language ability, specifically phonological(More)
INTRODUCTION Urethral/bladder outlet obstruction (BOO) is a recognized complication after most surgical procedures for stress urinary incontinence. The mechanisms involved are thought to be related to an overcorrection of the urethra (by kinking and/or compressing the urethra) or excessive scar formation between the pubis and urethra. The recommended(More)
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