Bryce E Haac

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The mammalian oocyte-to-embryo transition, characterized by a period of transcriptional silence, is dependent on maternal RNAs and proteins produced during the growth phase of the oocyte. Signaling pathways control timely transcription and translation of RNA, as well as post-translational modification of proteins. The WNT/beta-catenin pathway is clearly not(More)
The oocyte to embryo transition in metazoans depends on maternal proteins and transcripts to ensure the successful initiation of development, and the correct and timely activation of the embryonic genome. We conditionally eliminated the maternal gene encoding the cell adhesion molecule E-cadherin and partially eliminated the beta-catenin gene from the mouse(More)
BACKGROUND Retirement migration from northern countries to southern countries is increasing in both Europe and North America, and retiree experiences will impact future migration and health services utilization. We therefore sought to describe the healthcare experiences and perceptions of retired U.S. citizens currently living in Mexico and Panama. (More)
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