Bryce C Hoelscher

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The outermost layer of the Bacillus anthracis spore consists of an exosporium comprised of an outer hair-like nap layer and an internal basal layer. A major component of the hair-like nap is the glycosylated collagen-like protein BclA. A second collagen-like protein, BclB, is also present in the exosporium. BclB possesses an N-terminal sequence that targets(More)
The exosporium of Bacillus anthracis is comprised of two distinct layers: a basal layer and a hair-like nap that covers the basal layer. The hair-like nap contains the glycoproteins BclA and, most likely, BclB. BclA and BclB are directed to assemble into the exosporium by motifs in their N-terminal domains. Here, we identify a previously uncharacterized(More)
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