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Social networks are popular platforms for interaction, communication and collaboration between friends. Researchers have recently proposed an emerging class of applications that leverage relationships from social networks to improve security and performance in applications such as email, web browsing and overlay routing. While these applications often cite(More)
Scratch programming has risen in prominence, not only as a potential language for K-12 computer science, but also in introductory college courses. Unfortunately, grading Scratch programs is time-consuming, requiring manual execution of each program. Automation of this process is greatly complicated by the very reason Scratch is an attractive introductory(More)
Social networks have made a significant impact on how Internet users communicate, search for and share data today. Numerous proposals have been made to improve existing distributed systems by leveraging the inherent trust built into social links. For example, many believe that by augmenting online marketplaces with social networking, we can improve trust(More)
The complexity of modern web applications makes it difficult for developers to fully understand the security implications of their code. Attackers exploit the resulting security vulnerabilities to gain unauthorized access to the web application environment. Previous research into web application vulnerabilities has mostly focused on input validation flaws,(More)
Many institutions have created and deployed outreach programs for middle school students with the goal of increasing the number and diversity of students who later pursue careers in computer science. While these programs have been shown to increase interest in computer science, there has been less work on showing whether participants learn computer science(More)
Computer security competitions and challenges are a way to foster innovation and educate students in a highly-motivating setting. In recent years, a number of different security competitions and challenges were carried out, each with different characteristics, configurations, and goals. From 2003 to 2007, we carried out a number of live security exercises(More)
A botnet is a network of compromised hosts controlled by a single entity, called the botmaster. These compromised hosts can be utilized for malicious activities such as Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks, SPAM, and information extraction such as the extraction of user authentication via key-logging each of which nets profits to the botmaster.(More)
Price comparison is an increasingly common usage of the internet. Its goal is to locate access and compare relevant information for specific products from retailers from whom users can buy. This work is devoted to the design and the development of a shopping bot with the aim of overcoming the well-known difficulties in price comparison area. iShopBot is a(More)
The importance of splenic preservation in reducing the risk of overwhelming post-splenectomy sepsis as well as the heightened awareness of transfusion-related infections have led to changing concepts in the management of blunt splenic trauma. A 10-year retrospective review (1980-1989) of blunt splenic trauma at a Level I trauma center is presented. One(More)
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