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Microelectrode arrays (MEAs) can be used to detect drug and chemical induced changes in neuronal network function and have been used for neurotoxicity screening. As a proof-of-concept, the current study assessed the utility of analytical "fingerprinting" using principal components analysis (PCA) and chemical class prediction using support vector machines(More)
How are the oscillatory insulin secretions from numerous islets synchronized to result in an identifiable oscillation? We postulated that a sudden increase in glucose concentration could best account for the interislet synchronization. The perifusion with two parallel chambers each containing 100 islets from the same rat was performed. The glucose(More)
GENERAL INFORMATION NANOVAN™ is a negative stain for electron microscopy specially tailored for use with NANOGOLD™ antibody conjugates, not available elsewhere. It is based on vanadium, which has a lower atomic number (23) than other elements commonly used as negative stain reagents such as uranium (92), tungsten (74) or lead (82). NANOVAN™ is recommended(More)
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