Bryant Aaron

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In describing the properties of fibrous proteins it has been common practice to attribute the macroscopic mechanical properties to the organization at the molecular level. Hence, the high tensile stiffness of collagen and silk has been viewed as an inevitable consequence of their crystalline structure. For elastin, however, there has been considerable(More)
We have examined the effects of various solutions (SDS, DMSO, NaCl) on the swelling and mechanical properties of arterial elastin. Our results indicate that SDS-swollen elastin is stiffer, stronger, and appears to fail at smaller extensions than water-swollen elastin. In order to determine if these changes in mechanical properties are due to swelling(More)
K-means clustering is one of the most commonly used methods for classification and data-mining. When the amount of data to be clustered is "huge," and/or when data becomes available in increments, one has to devise incremental K-means procedures. Current research on incremental clustering does not address several of the specific problems of incremental(More)
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