Bryan Wiltgen

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Sustainable design is as an important movement in design. Biologically inspired design is a major paradigm for sustainable design. In this paper, we analyze a corpus of biologically inspired design projects in terms of sustainability. We then describe a case study of analogical design of a fog harvesting net, and abstract from it the patterns of Hydrophobia(More)
Biologically inspired design perhaps is one of the most important movements in engineering design. The paradigm espouses use of analogies to biology in generating conceptual designs for new technologies. In this paper, we briefly summarize some empirical findings about biologically inspired design, and then develop an information-processing theory of(More)
—Biologically inspired design uses cross-domain analogies from biology to engineering to enhance design creativity and innovation. This analogical transfer requires conceptual understanding of biological systems. In this paper, we describe a prototype interactive knowledge-based design environment called DANE for supporting conceptual understanding through(More)
In Biologically Inspired Design (BID), engineers use biology as a source of ideas for solving engineering problems. However, locating relevant literature is difficult due to vocabulary differences and lack of domain knowledge. IBID is an intelligent search mechanism that uses a functional taxonomy to direct search and a formal modeling notation for(More)
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