Bryan Wiltgen

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BACKGROUND Exposure to general anaesthesia during critical stages of brain development results in long-lasting cognitive impairment. Co-administration of protective agents could minimize the detrimental effects of anaesthesia. Co-administration of R(+)pramipexole (PPX), a synthetic aminobenzothiazol derivative that restores mitochondrial integrity, prevents(More)
We envision that the next generation of knowledge-based CAD systems will be characterized by four features: they will be based on cognitive accounts of design, and they will support collaborative design, conceptual design, and creative design. In this paper, we first analyze these four dimensions of CAD. We then report on a study in the design, development(More)
Dynamic time warping (DTW) has been widely used in various pattern recognition and time series data mining applications. However, as examples will illustrate, both the classic DTW and its later alternative, derivative DTW, may fail to align a pair of sequences on their common trends or patterns. Furthermore, the learning capability of any supervised(More)
Sustainable design is as an important movement in design. Biologically inspired design is a major paradigm for sustainable design. In this paper, we analyze a corpus of biologically inspired design projects in terms of sustainability. We then describe a case study of analogical design of a fog harvesting net, and abstract from it the patterns of Hydrophobia(More)
Biologically inspired design perhaps is one of the most important movements in engineering design. The paradigm espouses use of analogies to biology in generating conceptual designs for new technologies. In this paper, we briefly summarize some empirical findings about biologically inspired design, and then develop an information-processing theory of(More)
Digital libraries of case studies of analogical design have been popular since their advent in the early 1990s. We consider four benefits of digital libraries of case studies of analogical design in the context of biologically inspired design. First, a digital library affords documentation. The 83 case studies in our work come from 8 years of extended,(More)
Article history: Accepted 10 July 2008 EC TE D P Rats selectively bred for high or low levels of emotionality represent an important and powerful tool to investigate the role of genetic variables in the occurrence of different anxiety disorders. In the present study, albino rats were selectively bred for differences in defensive freezing behavior in(More)