Bryan Walker

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Gamma (30-80 Hz) rhythms in hippocampus and neocortex resulting from the interaction of excitatory and inhibitory cells (E- and I-cells), called Pyramidal-Interneuronal Network Gamma (PING), require that the I-cells respond to the E-cells, but don't fire on their own. In idealized models, there is a sharp boundary between a parameter regime where the(More)
Changes in the U.S. Healthcare System along with the need for institutions of higher education to prepare a work force ready to address the challenges of today and tomorrow have highlighted the need to incorporate technology in its broadest sense as part of the student learning experience. In health professional education, this becomes challenging as(More)
Azole resistance in Candida glabrata, a pathogenic yeast, has prompted studies of compounds that have therapeutic potential by reversing azole resistance. Milbemycin A4 oxime blocked azole efflux and enhanced azole susceptibility fourfold in 28 clinical isolates of C. glabrata. Specificity of the milbemycin A4 oxime effect depended on the drug transporter(More)
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