Bryan T Torres

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The 20 amino acid (AA) N-terminus of the vesicular monoamine transporter 2 (VMAT2) was examined as a regulator of VMAT2 function. Removal of the first 16 or 19 AAs of the N-terminus resulted in a molecule with reduced ability to sequester [(3)H]-5HT. A glutathione-S-transferase-construct of the N-terminus underwent phosphorylation in the presence of PKC at(More)
OBJECTIVE Evaluate the effect of marker placement on kinematics of the canine stifle in 3 distinct hindlimb models. STUDY DESIGN In vivo biomechanical study. ANIMALS Normal adult mixed-breed dogs (n=5). METHODS Ten retroreflective markers were affixed to the skin on the right rear leg of each dog to establish normal stifle kinematics. Four additional(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare overground and treadmill-based gaits of dogs. ANIMALS 5 clinically normal adult mixed-breed dogs. PROCEDURES To obtain dynamic gait data, 30 retroreflective markers were affixed bilaterally to specific regions of the hind limbs and pelvis of each dog. For each dog, 3-D joint motion data (sagittal [flexion and extension], transverse(More)
Introduction: Postoperative delirium, arbitrarily defined as occurring within 5 days of surgery, affects up to 50% of patients older than 60 after a major operation. This geriatric syndrome is associated with longer intensive care unit and hospital stay, readmission, persistent cognitive deterioration and mortality. No effective preventive methods have been(More)
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