Bryan Sheu

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Leukocyte activation, including adhesion molecule expression, oxygen radical generation and, in animal studies, pseudopod formation, is a hallmark of hypertension. This study examined pseudopod and bleb formation and demonstrates that leukocytes from hypertensive individuals are more susceptible to produce membrane blebs than leukocytes from normotensive(More)
In recent years, proteomic profiling by mass spectrometry has opened up a new realm of methods for identifying potential biomarkers. Mass spectrometry data, like other proteomic and genomic data, are challenging to analyze because of their high dimensionality and the availability of few samples. Hence, feature selection is extremely important because it(More)
We propose a new feature selection algorithm, Guilt-By-Association (GBA), which uses hierarchical clustering based on feature correlations to eliminate redundant features. GBA can be used in conjunction with other algorithms to produce a feature selection routine that explicitly considers both the similarities between features and their individual(More)
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