Bryan Richard

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cluster, performance, TOP500, network, switch, PC, Linpack benchmark A common topic for PC clusters is the use of mainstream instead of dedicated hardware i.e., using standard desktop PCs and standard network connectivity, with technology to organize them so that they can be used as a single computing entity. Current work in this "off-theshelf cluster"(More)
Today's infrastructure as a service (IaaS) cloud environments rely upon full trust in the provider to secure applications and data. Cloud providers do not offer the ability to create hardware-rooted cryptographic identities for IaaS cloud resources or sufficient information to verify the integrity of systems. Trusted computing protocols and hardware like(More)
A system is proposed in which the depth for each ultrasonic image pixel, which is needed for scan conversion, is simultaneously given with the pixel coming out from the digital scan processor. The gain memory is only a line memory with less circuitry and is updated faster when the gain function is modified by the user. The use of the system in routine(More)
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