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A Common, High-Dimensional Model of the Representational Space in Human Ventral Temporal Cortex
We present a high-dimensional model of the representational space in human ventral temporal (VT) cortex in which dimensions are response-tuning functions that are common across individuals andExpand
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Inter-subject alignment of human cortical anatomy using functional connectivity
Inter-subject alignment of functional MRI (fMRI) data is necessary for group analyses. The standard approach to this problem matches anatomical features of the brain, such as major anatomicalExpand
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Function-based Intersubject Alignment of Human Cortical Anatomy
Making conclusions about the functional neuroanatomical organization of the human brain requires methods for relating the functional anatomy of an individual's brain to population variability. WeExpand
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fMRI-Based Inter-Subject Cortical Alignment Using Functional Connectivity
The inter-subject alignment of functional MRI (fMRI) data is important for improving the statistical power of fMRI group analyses. In contrast to existing anatomically-based methods, we propose aExpand
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Fast Bootstrapping and Permutation Testing for Assessing Reproducibility and Interpretability of Multivariate fMRI Decoding Models
Multivariate decoding models are increasingly being applied to functional magnetic imaging (fMRI) data to interpret the distributed neural activity in the human brain. These models are typicallyExpand
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Fast, Exact Model Selection and Permutation Testing for l2-Regularized Logistic Regression
Regularized logistic regression is a standard classification method used in statistics and machine learning. Unlike regularized least squares problems such as ridge regression, the parameterExpand
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Fast Simultaneous Training of Generalized Linear Models (FaSTGLZ)
We present an efficient algorithm for simultaneously training sparse generalized linear models across many related problems, which may arise from bootstrapping, cross-validation and nonparametricExpand
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The grouped two-sided orthogonal Procrustes problem
We pose a modified version of the two-sided orthogonal Procrustes problem subject to a grouping constraint, and offer an efficient solution method. This problem has applications in weighted graphExpand
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