Bryan Preas

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When an over-the-cell routing layer is available for standard cell layout, efficient utilization of routing space over the cells can significantly reduce layout area. In this paper, we present three physical models to utilize the area over the cells for routing in standard cell designs. We also present efficient algorithms to choose and to route a planar(More)
In this paper, we present an accurate model for prediction of inter-connection lengths for standard cell layouts. On the designs in our test suite the estimates are within 10% of the actual layouts. Our model abstracts the important features of placement, global rout ing and channel routing. The predicted results are obtained from analysis of the net list.(More)
This review provides an overview of the placement function within automatic layout systems. The automatic placement problem is defined and the data abstractions are described. The discussion divides placement algorithms into two classes: constructive and iterative. Applications of the algorithms within layout systems are described. A large number of(More)
A Circuit MAsk Translator (CMAT) code has been developed which converts integrated circuit mask information into a circuit schematic. Logical operations, pattern recognition, and special functions are used to identify and interconnect diodes, transistors, capacitors, and resistances. The circuit topology provided by the translator is compatible with the(More)
| We present an accurate model and procedures for predicting the common physical design characteristics of standard cell layouts (i.e., the interconnection length and the chip area). The predicted results are obtained from analysis of the net list only, that is, no prior knowledge of the functionality of the design is used. Random and optimized placements,(More)