Bryan N. Nowroozi

Elizabeth L Brainerd2
James A Strother1
Adam P Summers1
2Elizabeth L Brainerd
1James A Strother
1Adam P Summers
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Whole-body stiffness in fishes has important consequences for swimming mode, speed and efficiency, but the contribution of vertebral column stiffness to whole-body stiffness is unclear. In our opinion, this lack of clarity is due in part to the lack of studies that have measured both in vitro mechanical properties of the vertebral column as well as in vivo(More)
The northern spearnose poacher, Agonopsis vulsa, is a benthic, heavily armored fish that swims primarily using pectoral fins. High-speed kinematics, whole-body lift measurements, and flow visualization were used to study how A. vulsa overcomes substantial negative buoyancy while generating forward thrust. Kinematics for five freely swimming poachers(More)
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