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It is well accepted that ontology is useful for personalized Web information gathering. However, it is challenging to use semantic relations of "kind-of", "part-of", and "related-to" and synthesize commonsense and expert knowledge in a single computational model. In this paper, a personalized ontology model is proposed attempting to answer this challenge. A(More)
Cuts on deformable organs are a central task in the set of physical operations needed in many surgical simulation environments. Our BioMedIA surgical simulator structures are Finite Element Models, driven by displacements on the touched nodes as opposed to forces. This approach allows for realistic simulation of both deformation and haptic response at(More)
We present a novel method of contact modelling for discrete deformable models. Our algorithm is used to simulate contact between rigid surgical tools of arbitrary shape and deformable virtual organs bounded by triangular mesh surfaces. It uses a divide and conquer strategy to redistribute an arbitrary field of displacements on organ surfaces into an(More)
Surgical simulators provide another tool for training and practising surgical procedures, usually restricted to the use of cadavers. Our surgical simulator utilises Finite Element (FE) models based on linear elasticity. It is driven by displacements, as opposed to forces, allowing for realistic simulation of both deformation and haptic response at real-time(More)
In this paper we present a technique for the modelling of realistic collisions between arbitrary rigid surgical tools and deformable geometry that is independent of the resolution of colliding objects. We use a spatial hash table to provide an efficient narrow-phase collision detection and modelling backend. This is combined with previous work on collision(More)
version on a funder's repository at a funder's request, provided it is not made publicly available until 12 months after publication. High-pressure die casting is the preferred process for manufacturing Mg-alloy components used for numerous applications. High-pressure die casting is suitable for mass production and has the advantage of also being suitable(More)
The commercial real estate industry is currently in a state of turmoil, as access to capital markets is as constrained as consumer demand. Today many real estate development firms find themselves in difficult positions, with plummeting net operating income and upwardly mobile capitalization rates. Tail events – market events that were believed, based on(More)
UC-Berkeley's Departmental On-site Computing Support (DOCS) is a subscription based model for dedicated annual tech support service: Mac/Windows, Desktops, Servers, PDAs and other peripherals. We analyze clients' computing needs, help design and implement infrastructure, handle immediate needs (fires) while performing ongoing maintenance and upgrades to(More)
To prevent the 7 to 11 million metric tons of waste foundry sand (WFS) produced annually in the USA from entering landfills, current research is focused on the reuse of WFSs as soil amendments. The effects of different WFS-containing amendments on turfgrass growth and nutrient content were tested by planting perennial ryegrass (Lolium perenne L.) and tall(More)