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Imidazoline/guanidinium receptive sites (IGRS) belong to a family of membrane proteins that selectively recognize certain pharmacologically active compounds with an imidazoline or a guanidinium moiety. The role of such proteins in the cellular responses elicited by these compounds is unclear, but two members of this protein family are identical to isoforms(More)
To characterize the structure-activity relationship between alpha 1-adrenergic receptors and the family of imidazoline/guanidinium receptive sites (IGRS), we synthesized and characterized a series of analogues of cirazoline, an imidazoline with high affinity for alpha 1-adrenergic receptors and IGRS. Analysis of potency, affinity and efficacy of the(More)
Various pharmacologically active compounds with an imidazoline or guanidinium moiety are recognized by membrane bound proteins that appear structurally and functionally distinct from known hormone receptors. Such entities are termed imidazoline binding sites, I receptors, or imidazoline/guanidinium receptive sites (IGRS). To facilitate the identification(More)
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