Bryan Langston

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The IT industry is experiencing a disruptive trend for which the entire data center infrastructure is becoming software defined and programmable. IT resources are provisioned and optimized continuously according to a declarative and expressive specification of the workload requirements. The software defined environments facilitate agile IT deployment and(More)
We propose a new MapReduce cloud service model, Cura, for data analytics in the cloud. We argue that performing MapReduce analytics in existing cloud service models - either using a generic compute cloud or a dedicated MapReduce cloud - is inadequate and inefficient for production workloads. Existing services require users to select a number of complex(More)
Today's application environments combine Cloud and on-premise infrastructure, as well as platforms and services from different providers to enable quick development and delivery of solutions to their intended users. The ability to use Cloud platforms to stand up applications in a short time frame, the wide availability of Web services, and the application(More)
Storage services are an essential part of an organization's IT infrastructure services and contribute a significant part of total IT costs. For this reason, various service management techniques are applied to optimize a service's storage resource usage while still addressing requirements related to performance, high availability, or disaster recovery.(More)
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