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—This paper describes an application of data mining technology called Distributed Fleet Monitoring (DFM) to Flight Operational Quality Assurance (FOQA) data collected from a fleet of commercial aircraft. DFM transforms the data into a list of abnormaly performing aircraft, abnormal flight-to-flight trends, and individual flight anomalies by fitting a large(More)
To determine if animals are capable of utilizing vestibular sensory input for spatial orientation, a six-arm radial maze with a rotating central turntable was constructed. Sprague-Dawley rats were trained on this apparatus by rotating them without visual, auditory, or olfactory cues. Animals were required to locate a reward (located in a constant position(More)
OBJECTIVES To evaluate in a 12 month longitudinal study changes in hip and ankle range of motion and hip muscle strength in young female novice ballet dancers. METHODS Fifty three of the original 77 (69%) female dancers aged 8-11 years and 40 of the original 49 (82%) controls returned for follow up measurements one year later. Supine right active hip(More)
Normal and fornix-lesioned rats were trained to find water in a version of a spatial discrimination task involving the use of a cross maze modified for interspersing rotational stimulation before the start of each trial. The central (cross) portion of the maze rested on a turntable and consisted of a covered start box opening into the intersection of the(More)
The world-wide aviation system is one of the most complex dynamical systems ever developed and is generating data at an extremely rapid rate. Most modern commercial aircraft record several hundred flight parameters including information from the guidance, navigation, and control systems, the avionics and propulsion systems, and the pilot inputs into the(More)
The problem of distance-based outlier detection is difficult to solve efficiently in very large datasets because of potential quadratic time complexity. We address this problem and develop sequential and distributed algorithms that are significantly more efficient than state-of-the-art methods while still guaranteeing the same outliers. By combining simple(More)
—In the cloud computing environment resources are accessed as services rather than as a product. Monitoring this system for performance is crucial because of typical pay-per-use packages bought by the users for their jobs. With the huge number of machines currently in the cloud system, it is often extremely difficult for system administrators to keep track(More)
The worldwide civilian aviation system is one of the most complex dynamical systems ever created. Most modern commercial aircraft have onboard flight data recorders (FDR) that record several hundred discrete and continuous parameters at approximately 1 Hz for the entire duration of the flight. This data contains information about the flight control systems,(More)
Over the years, depression of the malar eminence has been one of the most persistent complications of zygoma fractures, regardless of the fixation technique used. The use of a sublabial incision for direct visualization and alignment of the fracture lines at the infraorbital rim and lateral maxillary buttress is described. When coupled with single miniplate(More)