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Drosophila singed mutants were named for their gnarled bristle phenotype but severe alleles are also female sterile. Recently, singed protein was shown to have 35% peptide identity with echinoderm fascin. Fascin is found in actin filament bundles in microvilli of sea urchin eggs and in filopodial extensions in coelomocytes. We show that Drosophila singed is(More)
The nod gene is required for the distributive segregation of nonexchange chromosomes during meiosis in D. melanogaster. Loss-of-function nod mutations cause nondisjunction and loss of nonrecombinant chromosomes both at meiosis I and during subsequent mitotic divisions. We have cloned the nod locus, examined its expression patterns, and determined its coding(More)
We report our initial investigations into reliability and path-finding based models and propose future areas of interest. Inspired by broken sidewalks during on-campus construction projects, we develop two models for navigating this " unreliable network. " These are based on a concept of " accumulating risk " backward from the destination, and both operate(More)
Continuing our preleminary work [2], we define the safest-with-sight pathfinding problems and explore its solution using techniques borrowed from measure-theoretic probability theory. We find a simple recursive definition for the probability that an ideal pathfinder will select an edge in a given scenario of an uncertain network where edges have(More)
We perform social network analysis on 53 students split over three semesters and 13 groups, using conventional measures like eigenvector centrality, betweeness centrality, and degree centrality, as well as defining a variant of the Abelian Sandpile Model (ASM) with the intention of modeling stress propagation in the college classroom. We correlate the(More)
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