Bryan J Ellis

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The lasing behavior of one dimensional GaAs nanobeam cavities with embedded InAs quantum dots is studied at room temperature. Lasing is observed throughout the quantum dot PL spectrum, and the wavelength dependence of the threshold is calculated. We study the cavity lasers under both 780 nm and 980 nm pump, finding thresholds as low as 0.3 microW and 19(More)
Low-power and electrically controlled optical sources are vital for next generation optical interconnect systems to meet strict energy demands. Current optical transmitters consisting of high-threshold lasers plus external modulators consume far too much power to be competitive with future electrical interconnects. Here we demonstrate a directly modulated(More)
Quantum dot photonic crystal membrane lasers were fabricated and the large-signal modulation characteristics were studied. The authors find that the modulation characteristics of quantum dot lasers can be significantly improved using cavities with large spontaneous emission coupling factor. Their experiments show, and simulations confirm, that the(More)
A technique to electrically pump photonic crystal nanocavities using a lateral p-in junction is described. Ion implantation doping is used to form the junction, which under forward bias pumps a gallium arsenide photonic crystal nanocavity with indium arsenide quantum dots. Efficient cavity-coupled electroluminescence is demonstrated and the electrical(More)