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OBJECTIVE To discover if renal ultrasound (RUS) can be utilized as the primary follow-up imaging modality in the management of blunt renal injuries in children and adolescents. METHODS We initiated a protocol utilizing RUS reevaluations for children and adolescents treated for blunt renal injuries. Patients following this protocol (Post) had initial(More)
We present an interface for programming relationships between two or more NetLogo [18] models running concurrently. The interface is designed specifically to help high school aged novices explore and define computational relationships between agent-based models, and to investigate how prompting learners to reason about the relationships <i>between</i>(More)
Any agent-based model (ABM) involving agents that think or make decisions must inevitably have some model of agent cognition. Often, this cognitive model is incredibly simple, such as choosing actions at random or based on simple conditionals. In reality, agent cognition can be complex and dynamic, and for some models, this process can be worthy of its own(More)
The similarities and differences between adaptive dynamics in biological and cultural evolution is an important and controversial open question about evolutionary processes in the real world. One way to address this issue is by studying empirical data from biological and cultural evolution. Technology is itself an important part of culture, and one that is(More)
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