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A Comparison of Teachers' Attitudes Toward Their Included Students with Mild and Severe Disabilities
This investigation examined whether teachers' attitudes toward their included students with disabilities differed as a function of the disability's severity. Seventy inclusive classroom teachers
Evidence-Based Practices and Implementation Science in Special Education
Establishing a process for identifying evidence-based practices (EBPs) in special education has been a significant advance for the field because it has the potential for generating more effective
Inclusive Attitudes, Strengths, and Weaknesses of Pre-service General Educators Enrolled in a Curriculum Infusion Teacher Preparation Program
The inclusive attitudes of 181 undergraduate preservice general educators were measured using modified versions of the Opinions Relative to Integration of Students with Disabilities scale. A series
CEC’s Standards for Classifying the Evidence Base of Practices in Special Education
As an initial step toward improving the outcomes of learners with disabilities, special educators have formulated guidelines for identifying evidence-based practices. We describe the Council of
Unraveling Evidence-Based Practices in Special Education
Evidence-based practices (EBPs) are instructional techniques that meet prescribed criteria related to the research design, quality, quantity, and effect size of supporting research, which have the
A Call for Examining Replication and Bias in Special Education Research
Valid, scientific research is critical for ascertaining the effects of instructional techniques on learners with disabilities and for guiding effective special education practice and policy.
Attitudes of Principals and Special Education Teachers Toward the Inclusion of Students with Mild Disabilities
Attitudes of 49 principals and 64 special education teachers regarding the inclusion of students with mild disabilities were investigated. Results of a discriminant analysis indicated that principals
Inclusive Teachers' Attitudinal Ratings of Their Students With Disabilities
The purpose of this investigation was twofold: (a) to explore the use of a new rating scale that measures teachers' attitudes toward their students and (b) to investigate the attitudes of inclusive
Inclusive Teachers' Attitudes toward Their Students with Disabilities: A Replication and Extension
This investigation replicated and extended previous research regarding the attitudes of inclusive teachers toward their students with disabilities. Participating teachers included 46 inclusive
Bringing Research to Bear on Practice: Effecting Evidence-Based Instruction for Students with Emotional or Behavioral Disorders
Abstract The gap between research and practice has become an increasingly problematic and prominent obstacle to optimizing student outcomes. Perhaps nowhere in education is this problem more