Bryan E. Dowd

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We surveyed a nationally representative sample of medical group practices to assess their current use of information technology (IT). Our results suggest that adoption of electronic health records (EHRs) is progressing slowly, at least in smaller practices, although a number of group practices plan to implement an EHR within the next two years. Moreover,(More)
OBJECTIVE To estimate the effect of Medicare+Choice (M+C) plan premiums and benefits and individual beneficiary characteristics on the probability of enrollment in a Medicare+Choice plan. DATA SOURCE Individual data from the Medicare Current Beneficiary Survey were combined with plan-level data from Medicare Compare. STUDY DESIGN Health plan choices,(More)
OBJECTIVES To explain the use of interaction terms in nonlinear models. STUDY DESIGN We discuss the motivation for including interaction terms in multivariate analyses. We then explain how the straightforward interpretation of interaction terms in linear models changes in nonlinear models, using graphs and equations. We extend the basic results from logit(More)
PURPOSE Most new mothers return to work soon after childbirth. A need exists to reexamine the definition of postpartum health and evaluate employed women's recovery from childbirth in association with such factors as delivery type and breastfeeding. METHODS Using a prospective cohort design, we recruited Minnesota women into the study while they were(More)
We estimate out-of-pocket premium elasticities of health plan choice using panel data from five Twin Cities employers. Using simple methods and a small data set, we replicate the findings of our previous study, which was considerably more detailed, difficult, and expensive. An increase of $5 in 1984 dollars ($6.95 in 1993) in the relative out-of-pocket(More)
PURPOSE Many new mothers return to work soon after childbirth. This study examines personal and work-related factors associated with the postpartum health of employed women 11 weeks after childbirth. METHODS Using a prospective cohort design, we recruited 817 Minnesota mothers into the study while they were hospitalized for childbirth in 2001. Telephone(More)
BACKGROUND Many of the large ongoing national surveys of the US population contain a question that asks for the respondent's self-reported health status: "excellent," "very good," "good," "fair," or "poor." These surveys could be used to conduct cost-utility analyses of health care policies, treatments or other interventions if quality-of-life (QOL) weights(More)
This article describes issues that should be considered in the development of a theory or theories about incentives from which testable hypotheses could be derived. Economic, psychological, and organizational theories are described, and issues that should be considered in hypothesis generation are presented. Psychological factors influencing incentives(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the effects of payment methods on the costs of care in medical group practices. DATA SOURCES Eighty-six clinics providing services for a Blue Cross managed care program during 1995. The clinics were analyzed to determine the relationship between payment methods and cost of care. Cost and patient data were obtained from Blue Cross(More)