Bryan Donyanavard

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The Graphics Processor Unit (GPU) has expanded its role from an accelerator for rendering graphics into an efficient parallel processor for general purpose computing. The GPU, an indispensable component in desktop and server-class computers as well as game consoles, has also become an integrated component in handheld devices, such as smartphones. Since the(More)
To meet the performance and energy efficiency demands of emerging complex and variable workloads, heterogeneous many-core architectures are increasingly being deployed, necessitating operating systems support for adaptive task allocation to efficiently exploit this heterogeneity in the face of unpredictable workloads. We present SPARTA, a throughput-aware(More)
Distributed Scratchpad Memories (SPMs) in embedded many-core systems require careful selection of data placement to achieve good performance. Applications mapped to these platforms have varying memory requirements based on their runtime behavior, resulting in under- or overutilization of the local SPMs. We propose SPMPool to share the available on-chip SPMs(More)
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