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Comparative effectiveness of lumbar transforaminal epidural steroid injections with particulate versus nonparticulate corticosteroids for lumbar radicular pain due to intervertebral disc herniation:
BACKGROUND Lumbar transforaminal epidural injections are commonly utilized to treat radicular pain due to intervertebral disc herniation. OBJECTIVE This study aims to determine if there was a majorExpand
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Athletic footwear, leg stiffness, and running kinematics.
CONTEXT The leg acts as a linear spring during running and hopping and adapts to the stiffness of the surface, maintaining constant total stiffness of the leg-surface system. Introducing a substanceExpand
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Falls Associated with Lower-Extremity-Nerve Blocks: A Pilot Investigation of Mechanisms
Objective: Documented falls after lower-extremity-nerve blocks are rare. We believe this paucity of documented falls is the result of underreporting and the lack of serious complications resultingExpand
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Volar versus dorsal fixed-angle fixation of dorsally unstable extra-articular distal radius fractures: a biomechanic study.
PURPOSE To evaluate and compare the biomechanic rigidity and strength of 3 fixed-angle plates used to treat extra-articular distal radius fractures that are dorsally unstable. Volar fixed-angleExpand
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Review of accidents/injuries among emergency medical services workers in Baltimore, Maryland.
OBJECTIVES To characterize the types of occupational exposures and injuries reported by emergency medical service (EMS) workers. METHODS A blinded review of accidents/exposures among EMS workersExpand
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Trainee involvement in transforaminal epidural steroid injections associated with increased incidence of vasovagal reactions.
OBJECTIVES To evaluate whether trainee involvement (resident and fellow) during transforaminal epidural steroid injections (TFESI) results in greater rates of vasovagal reactions. DESIGNExpand
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Motion Generated in the Unstable Lumbar Spine During Hospital bed Transfers
Study Design A parallel group design with repeated measures using a cadaver model was employed. Objective The purpose of this study was to evaluate and compare lumbar spine motion generated in theExpand
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Vasovagal rates in flouroscopically guided interventional procedures: a study of over 8,000 injections.
OBJECTIVE To determine the rate of vasovagal (vv) complications in fluoroscopically guided interventional procedures. DESIGN Retrospective case series analysis of prospectively collected data fromExpand
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Mechanical evaluation of adjunctive fixation for prevention of periprosthetic femur fracture with the Zurich cementless total hip prosthesis.
OBJECTIVE To evaluate whether cerclage wire or a lateral plate increases the peak-torque load to failure, compared to femora without adjunctive fixation, in femora implanted with Zurich CementlessExpand
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Detection of Intravascular Injection During Lumbar Medial Branch Blocks: A Comparison of Aspiration, Live Fluoroscopy, and Digital Subtraction Technology.
BACKGROUND CONTEXT Medial branch blocks may have unrecognized vascular uptake potentially resulting in false- negative results. PURPOSE To determine the rate of unintended vascular injection ofExpand
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