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Modernity, Culture and 'the Jew'
Preface by Bryan Cheyette and Laura Marcus. Foreword by Homi Bhabha. 1. Some Methodological Anxieties: Bryan Cheyette and Laura Marcus. Part 1. Gender, Psychoanalysis, and History. 2. HistoricizingExpand
Against Supersessionist Thinking: Old and New, Jews and Postcolonialism, the Ghetto and Diaspora
  • Bryan Cheyette
  • History
  • The Cambridge Journal of Postcolonial Literary…
  • 30 August 2017
Abstract This essay focuses on the liberatory possibilities and political and disciplinary difficulties of bringing together Jewish and postcolonial studies. It begins and ends with Adorno’s critiqueExpand
Decolonizing Trauma Studies Round-Table Discussion
This round-table, which featured literary critics Professor Stef Craps, Professor Bryan Cheyette and Dr. Alan Gibbs, was recorded as part of the “Decolonizing Trauma Studies” symposium organized byExpand
Writing against Conversion: Muriel Spark the Gentile Jewess
For much of the first half of 1998, Muriel Spark was the object of an unusual media controversy. Her son, Robin, claimed to have a marriage certificate which proved that his grandparents had weddedExpand
Liberal Anti-Judaism and the Victims of Modernity
William Styron's Sophie's Choice (1979) has long been a subject of adverse criticism within Holocaust studies, and it was initially generated by Cynthia Ozick's prepublication polemic against Styron,Expand
Constructions of 'the Jew' in English Literature and Society: Racial Representations, 1875-1945
1. Introduction: semitism and the cultural realm 2. The promised land of liberalism: Matthew Arnold, Anthony Trollope and George Eliot 3. Empire and anarchy: John Buchan and Rudyard Kipling 4. TheExpand
The ethical uncertainty of Primo Levi
Les critiques ont souvent reproche a Primo Levi sa froideur, son calme lucide et son detachement d'investigateur scientifique lorsqu'il rapporte son experience du camp de concentration. Pour l'A. ilExpand
30@30: the future of literary thinking
This is one of 30 commissioned short pieces on "The Future of Literary Thinking" to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the journal "Textual Practice".