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We investigated the overwintering physiology and behavior of Phyllocnistis populiella Chambers, the aspen leaf miner, which has caused severe and widespread damage to aspen in Alaska over the past 10 yr. Active P. populiella moths caught in spring and summer supercooled to an average temperature of -16°C, whereas dormant moths excavated from hibernacula in(More)
Interaction of the tertiary amines, arecolone, eserine (physostigmine), (+)-epibatidine, and (+/-)-epibatidine, with Torpedo nicotinic acetylcholine receptor-enriched membrane vesicles was investigated to characterize their action on the receptor, using stopped-flow thallium (I)-flux spectrofluorimetry. Arecolone, (+)-epibatidine, and (+/-)-epibatidine were(More)
The beta- and delta-subunits of the nicotinic acetylcholine receptor from Torpedo californica were covalently photolabeled at the synaptic surface with the ATP photoaffinity analogue [alpha-32P]-8-azido-ATP. The specificity of labeling for nucleotide binding sites was demonstrated by the saturation of labeling with increasing concentration of 8-azido-ATP(More)
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